Electronic Engineer




Determine Needs
  • To Use your specialized knowledge to determine that the facility has the machinery, components and supplies needed to efficiently and safely operate.
  • To review any engineering changes that impact material or supplier, to adjust stocks accordingly.
Choose Suppliers
  • To choose the appropriate suppliers to purchase from. Procurement Engineers do extensive industry research and compares their products and prices.
Negotiate Prices and Award Contracts
  • Once the Procurement Engineer has selected vendors, they negotiate sales agreements to purchase the required products. They then award contracts to the vendors and continue to administer these contracts throughout the relationship.
Manage Suppliers
  • To Manage supplier performance in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and responsiveness.
  • To Periodically review suppliers and launch improvement programs where required.
  • Procurement Engineers must always be thinking of ways to eliminate waste and variability in the supply chain.

Required Skills

  • Detail-oriented and driven, successful Procurement Engineers are able to integrate their technical knowledge with business acumen.
  • To work well independently and are committed to thinking outside of the box to achieve results. In addition to these general skills and personality traits, employers are seeking Procurement Engineer candidates with the following skills.

Core skills

  • BE/B-Tech in Electronics and telecommunication/ Mechanical/Instrumentation-freshers can apply.
  • Experience in an engineering, procurement and operations would be desirable.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency with personal computers and networking, specifically Microsoft Excel.
  • Ability to analyze bills of material and drawings to understand key requirements.
  • Knowledge and direct experience in negotiating contracts and quotations with Contract Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  • Ability to identify cost reduction opportunities.

Salary & working hours

  • Salary: 150 euros per month
  • Working hours: Monday to Thursday: 7am to 4pm and Friday 7am to 3pm


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