Why do we love Mainz so much?

Lying on the confluence of Rhine and Main river, Mainz, which is the beautiful capital of the Rheinland-Palatinate state, a place you should absolutely think out to visit. It is a bright and dynamic city for you to do your internship, especially an English internship since a huge range of international companies has settled down in this city and looking for English-speaking interns. You could lose yourself to explore the rich culture and cuisine of this city. For further information, let’s have a look at why Mainz is worth it for expats to do the internship abroad.


Mainz is the city with more than 2000 years history, there are various activities that you can delve into. The ancient restored Old Town with various shops and restaurants is the spotlight to experience the past with your own sense, which is filling up with real ambiance. Located in the Old Town, you can find the 1000-year-old huge and wonderful cathedral with the mixture of many architectural styles. You will definitively fall in love with Mainz while sitting in a coffee shop with an amazing view of the cathedral with your colleagues and get to know each other. To explore a new culture of a new city and nation is one of the opportunities that English internship abroad program brings to you.


Mainz has everything you need for your social life after work with your colleagues. It has plenty of pubs and clubs which offer live music in the evening or during the weekend. You will never be bored while doing the internship in Mainz because there are multiple activities to enjoy your nightlife. What about having a dinner and chatting with your colleagues to get a better understanding of them, or just simply having a drink in a pub and enjoy live music. Experience as much as you can in a dynamic city as Mainz, it will be an unforgettable memory about your English internship abroad stay.