Mainz carnival is one of the most famous carnivals in Germany, attracting around 500.000 visitors annually. The Rose Monday parade is the focal point of the carnival season, with the German name “Fastnacht”, which begins on 11th November and lasts till Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Holy Saturday. So, the date is based on the Easter.

Fastnacht, includes various activities with the highlight is the traditional Rosenmontag Parade (celebrated on the 2nd Monday of February), is the time for local inhabitants and tourist blow their mind and take on a carnival spirit by showing off the costumes of animation characters, animals, mythical creatures that are beyond your imagination on these days. It will be amazing when you do your English internship abroad and have a chance to enjoy a local carnival in Germany. The main parade actually lasts at least 4 hours with a huge range of carnival associations march along the city center; however, locals start to dress up a week before. Rose Monday is one of the most important holidays in Mainz, so stores and offices or even many streets are closed for the parade.

I assure you that the carnival is definitely an amazing experience to live. You will never experience such an amazing fest like this before. This parade is mainly about politics; therefore, the parodies of political highlight through the year are exhibited in huge floats at the end of the parade. The floats from carnival associations such as companies, sports clubs, brass bands will lead the marching bands or marchers across the street. The most interesting and funny thing from this march is the typical gifts propelled from the floats including flowers, bread, sweets, chocolates, tissues, and countless small gifts are thrown from the floats as well. Believe me, even you are fed up with “trick or treat” in the Halloween, you will absolutely be excited when catching unpredictable stuff from the floats. Getting into the spirit of the festival and learning about the new cultures in a new city of a new country will be a wonderful opportunity for you when doing your internship abroad.

After the parade, you will probably get hungry but don’t worry, there are variety types of food waiting for you. You can easily pick up a set of Currywurst with pommes (German typical food) or sweet things like popcorns, candies, chocolates. That is wonderful when sipping a hot meal and enjoy the fun fair in the evening.

Don’t miss it, you can trust me it’s worth it!

Here is a short video of what is waiting you!


Put on your best costumes! And do not hesitate to share with us your experiences during your internship in Mainz.