The best way to find out how your internship abroad is going to be is to ask interns themself. Here an interview of Asdren a marketing intern in Malta ! 

Malta, Expectations, reality and how to deal with hard times.

- Interview


Why did you want to go abroad?


There is a point in your young adult life that you must choose what’s right and what’s wrong.

With that I mean the choices you make as a student like: which city you are going to study, what study you choose, and if you stay at home with your parents or live on your own.

It’s actually very interesting when we were younger, the perspective most people had of an adult life was very black and white, you go to school for 18 years, you pick a study, you finish it after that you get a job, work for 40 years and that’s it. It’s different, not that most of it is different, but the part that you just get job when you finish school is different.

Where I am from: Holland, the government encourages students to go study or do an internship abroad, they want students to get more out of them self, so that they can become more orientated and get to know more about different cultures and grow more as person, so they get to know that there is more than Holland and develop skills, that can be useful for later. As a 23 old I made the decision to go to Malta and do an internship at an international company in Malta.


What were your expectations about Malta?


To be honest with you, the first thing that came in my mind after I thought about Malta was of course the sun (surprisingly), the poor national football team, that always loses against the big countries and the catchy, dramatic songs they send at the song contest that was basically it. I had no idea what Maltese people were like, what culture they have but most importantly: what it is like to live and work in Malta.

So, I decided to do some research and find out more about the country, it’s still a bit vague for me, everybody experiences things differently.

Personally, I came here for an internship at an international company. I expected it to be a young and growing company (which is true), taking into consideration that the origins from the company is in Germany. I expected it to be very hierarchic, but it’s not like that really. What I like.


What is most misperceptions made by students when they going in Malta? (Or in general)


The most common mistake students make who go abroad to do an internship, is that they think they are on a holiday. The only thing they can see is sun, see and party. It’s totally different.

I can understand that people who come here are also here for a good time, to party and go to the beach, there’s nothing wrong with that at all a normal 20-something old can’t go to his/her work all week and stay at home in the weekend. But there a lot of students who come to Malta, and the only thing they have in mind is the fun part, later they find out that it’s not like that. I mean of course we are enjoying the weather and having fun here, but we also work for real.

Homesickness is another thing students deal with in Malta, the first days are always great, you have some money to spend on nice restaurants, you go party out hard, but when two weeks before your internship starts are over, they come in a phase where they experience a culture shock. The comfort they have in their home country, is far away. So, they come in circle of homesickness.

I myself find it very hard to find food here in Malta which I really like. I am from Holland and I believe the bread and cheese we have over there is the best in the world, but I know I’m not there anymore.  I just need to get more used to other things. If there’s one thing that I learned throughout the years is you need to be open sometimes for new things to achieve your goal.


Do you have some advice for future interns?


To have a great time in the country you study or do an internship in, is to keep the following things in mind. Don’t choose a country because of the sun, sea and the party. Ask yourself first the question: What is it I want to achieve when I go abroad, which I can benefit from later, you must remember that you’re there to improve yourself in some field.

Let’s be honest it’s better to make the days count than if you count the days.


 By Asdren Zuhranaj