Carnival in Malta and Gozo

As you know Maltese are very religious, in this context that they have the tradition of celebrating carnival every year. It is the best moment to do an internship abroad there!

The Carnival of Malta has been celebrated since 1535 or even since the end of the 15th century, making it one of the oldest carnivals in Europe.

The country's largest popular festival takes annually place in February, seven Sundays before Easter. It will take place from Thursday 8 to Tuesday 13 February this year, so save the Date if you are doing an internship in Malta! With madness, feasting, fluorescent colours, burlesque contests and especially fun, carnival takes place everywhere on the island.

During the year, Maltese prepare to compete in the great parades of Valletta and Floriana. Indeed, for five days, forty gigantic tanks representing all kinds of media personalities, animals or mythical creatures parade through the streets, accompanied by costumed dancers and fanfare. Each of them will have been imagined, designed and tailormade by the local associations in the main towns and villages of the island, procuring them pride and fervour! At the end of the day, the most party-goers gather in Paceville, the bustling heart of the Maltese night, with their grotesque disguises and end their evening in the clubs and bars of the neighbourhood. So, after a long week of work as an intern you can enjoy the festivals, talk in English and meet people from there!

The most important festivities take place in Valletta, but many towns and villages across the islands also have their parades. For a very special version, go to Nadur in Gozo, where the Carnival takes on a more macabre and satirical atmosphere. Would not be nice to do an English Internship in Malta?

A festival of songs, dances, music, theatre, parades and fanfares, an explosion of colourful costumes and floats. Highlights of the carnival: a grand costume ball, and a grand final parade in Floriana, crowned by fireworks on Marsamxett harbour, on the island of Malta.

Don’t miss it, you can trust me it’s worth it !


Here is a short video of what is waiting you!

Put on your best costumes! And do not hesitate to share with us your experiences during your internship in Malta.