Many students are keen on working abroad and living new international experiences! The more the country is original, the better the internship abroad is!  The Philippines have been deeply attractive, and thousands and thousands of companies settle in to benefit from the unique culture of the country.

The Philippines is the perfect match between Western and Eastern cultures: it is one of the best places for living the internship abroad experience! Make the most of the possibilities to learn other languages like Spanish and travel in the fast-growing Asia!

Imagine evolving in Manilla and discovering all the beautiful natural landscapes in your free time, with other trainees doing their internship in English! What about having some rest at the beach, in a gorgeous cavern, or hiking in the mountains on your free time! Working abroad means sharing your culture and learning the culture of the host country!

Want to make your dream come true? Still hesitating about improving your English skills in an international country?

Here are some tips regarding the Filipino working norms! Feel free to check out our other articles about the Philippines and to be ready for this brand-new experience!

The Office daily routine / Colleagues.

First, Filipino always work from 8am to 5pm with one-hour lunch break from Monday to Friday. You can be 15 minutes late but try to be punctual as much as possible!

Introducing yourself to colleagues and company’s partners has always been a tricky issue, especially in non-familiar foreign environments. There is a specific business etiquette there about calling people by their jobs first and you find them nicknames then; ex: Manager Chu, etc. As in many Asian cultures, giving business cards are central to start negotiation or productive meetings.

How to be well integrated in the company? Bring some snacks to your team, share your culture, get to know more your colleagues and respect the dress code like summer stylish clothes during warm times and formal ones the rest of the time.

One of the biggest issues during the internship abroad deals with the integration and communication with Philippine employees.  You’ll be very welcomed by your future colleagues and you’ll be so well integrated in the company during both working and extra-hours times! Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas events and holidays period with them and get unforgettable memories during the events organized by the management!

Managers adopted a very paternalistic way there and will help you to fix all the issues you will meet during your internship! While you will be introduced to the team, do not forget to shake hands, to practise small talks before dealing with business and to avoid intense eye contact. 

Once you will get to know better your colleagues, you will be used to check kisses and a distinctive sense of property and family. Filipino really express themselves while talking to you: they might adopt some facial expressions to insist on their words and will get an active hand gesture.

Thus, always being friendly, pleasant and indirect while exchanging with them! The more you adopt these norms, the better your integration will be! One of the successful strategies to work abroad consists in adopting the local habits, mixing them with your own culture and producing a third unique culture!

Still hesitating? Check out our brand-new articles and apply right now!