Blog about nightlife in Malta

As in all countries of the Mediterranean, the lifestyle of the Maltese is joyful and It’s all about relaxing and enjoying life. It may seem that Maltese are slow-paced throughout the day, but don’t let it mistake you that the nightlife is the same. The nightlife is very lively, the Maltese enjoy their night-out. And put a lot of effort to look fresh for the night and make the best out of it.  


The place pronounced Patsjeville

Most of the bars and clubs are conveniently located in Paceville/St. Julians and in Buġibba, so if you’re staying there, a night on the town can include numerous stops without using public transport If you want to have a great time, with a good party, loud music and everything that comes with it, then Paceville is without a doubt the place to be.

Located in the inland of the coastal region of St Julian, you will find half a dozen small streets with a lot of bars that form the neighbourhood ‘’Paceville’’. Triq Santa Rita is a small street, which is formed by a staircase, where you can find various bars and clubs.

During the summer it’s almost impossible to walk here. Youngsters from Malta and from other places around the world come here to party. Paceville is the place to be for partying in Malta. Wild parties, dozens of clubs, all kinds of genres of music, you can find them all!


17 again

The minimum age to get into clubs in Malta is 17, but don’t be surprised if you see a youngster who look far younger than that go out as well. Some of them are 15 years old. But, there are also exceptions where they can be 12 or 13 years old. The age usually varies between 16 and 25 years. Make no mistake, there are also many thriving things that attract an older audience of people in their thirties and forties.

Be careful

As a young lady, be careful of the older men around 40 in the clubs and bars who can come closer and dance with you, these men are most of the time not bright enough in understanding subtle hints. So, if you want to be left alone, let them clearly know!

Being in a crowded bar with a lot of strangers, who speak different and most of the time there is liquor involved and it can lead trouble. Like in every entertainment district, in every country, always be careful! Look out for each other. However, the police are outside of the clubs, and in every club, you will find bouncers to intervene in order for you to enjoy the night with your friends.


In the end it’s all about enjoying your time. There are a lot of venues to make your time here unforgettable, but always remember to be responsible and to minimize your risks during the night!