The first day of internship is always a little bit stressful for everyone, because sometimes when you join a company, your expectations might be different from the reality. Don’t worry, in this blog, you will find out some tips to get ready to the first day and to be less anxious.

Learn more about your company

Before you start your internship, you should have full knowledge of your company, it will make your life easier and help you to be well integrated in the team. In fact, you will have to understand its main missions, its hierarchy and its history. The company’s website could help you to answer to these questions. If you understand how the company works before you came, it will show that you are motivated and help you to stand out. Thanks to this, you will impress your future teammate. This first step is the most important so, do it seriously.

Find out about the dress code

This step may look useless but never forget that the first impression is the most important. It will determine, without doubt, what people will think about you in the company. Every company has its own dress code that you must respect. For instance, you cannot do your first day of internship in a lawyer office with a little skirt and sandals, you have to adapt to the company activity. What if you do not know the company dress code? Do not worry, it is easy, you just have to send a mail to your supervisor and ask him.

Carefully plan your first journey

Arriving late to work is unforgivable especially the first day. Keep in mind that the first day is the most important, your behaviour will show what kind of intern you are, employers consider it as important as job function. Pay attention, it’s better to come in earlier.

Control the company’s specific vocabulary

Every company has its own vocabulary, consider it is highly advised. First, the company will see that you have knowledge and that you are a qualified intern. Then, the specific vocabulary will help you to talk and understand your co-workers. In fact, if you don’t know that vocabulary, you will feel lost and it will have a bad impact on your work. So, take your time and do it.

Bring a notebook

You could think that it’s not necessary. Don’t forget that the first day, you will hear a big amount of information. Will you really keep them all in your mind? Impossible. So, bring a notebook with a pen where you could write and organise all information as you want. Furthermore, with it you will look like a real professional.

Be interested in world news

Possessing knowledge base regarding news of your company’s line of business is a positive point. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know everything only on essential points. It will be easier for you to have conversations with your co-workers. What’s more, you have to know the main competitors, international or not, thanks to that you will be considered like a motivated and cultivated intern.

If you follow all these advice, you first day will be great.
Keep calm and enjoy your internship!