Month: July 2018


7 reasons why visiting the Philippines is a must!

The great Philippines archipelago, situated in south-east Asia, is composed of more than 7000 islands. Thanks to its amazing beaches and landscapes, the Philippines is a …


Unique things you can learn by traveling

What’s better than traveling? In fact, it’s an amazing opportunity which will give you the chance to discover and see other things. Thanks to this adventure …


8 surprising things you didn’t know about Greece!

Greece has many islands (from 1200 to 6000) and between 166 and 227 of them are inhabited. The largest of the Greek islands is Crete, located …


Explore with us the unique Spanish nightlife

When we think about Spain, we think about the sun, the weather, the cultural richness, which is very varied, but especially the party! So, stop waiting, …


5 Tips how to improve your travel experience

Who doesn’t dream about traveling the world? Almost every single person wants to visit some place, if it is to visit relatives, go for holidays, swim …


Best places to travel during summer? Vol.2

When most people think about a holiday destination for summer, they usually think about Greece, Spain, Croatia…Of course, these countries are beautiful but popular and overcrowded. …


Best places to travel during summer? Vol. 1

Summer is the period of the year we’re all waiting for, to enjoy the sun and the blue sky.  So, what’s better than travelling during the …


German cuisine at a glance

Germany offers a wide variety of colorful food. You will find several types of sausages, beers, and potatoes with cabbage but also with berries. In Northern …


Liege, a city, a spirit!

Since I started my studies, I have known that I wanted to do an exchange program. I knew it would be a great and rewarding experience. …


Why should you do a summer job or internship abroad?

What’s better than doing a summer job or an internship during the best period of the year?  It’s the season we’re waiting for all year long, …

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