Liege, a city, a spirit!


Since I started my studies, I have known that I wanted to do an exchange program. I knew it would be a great and rewarding experience.  A lot of my friends went for an internship to Belgium and I heard only good feedback about it. That was the moment when I decided to go to Liege, Belgium.

Liege, also called the burning city, because of its party spirit, is a friendly town. The people are open and life loving, also the food, drinks and nightlife are better than anywhere else in the country. So be prepared for a hedonist way of life.

But where is Liege?

Just one hour from Brussels, a historical city on the river Meuse. Liege is the third largest city in Belgium and the largest city in the French-Speaking region of Wallonia.

A very current folklore kept alive by a positive-minded population, always ready for a feast, lively districts and many restaurants all combine to make this an essential part of any trip to Belgium, not to mention its vigorous cultural and artistic life and a considerable architectural heritage. The surrounding also offers a vast range of options for hiking and tourist visits.

French is the native language of the most people in Liège, and there are more Italian and Spanish speakers than Dutch, Belgian or other major languages.

What about the student life in liege?

Liege is a large town but the centre measures only 1km² and there you can find everything you want for eating, relaxing, and partying.

The student life in Belgium is driven by the universities and faculties’ groups.

The faculties’ groups? What is that?

The baptized, you will not miss them in Belgium. Dressed in capes or togas, the “togés” take care of passing the “blue” (young naive student) to the status of “baptized” (student who entered the circle).

Each faculty has its own party, its own “Saint”. These are evenings organized by the baptism committees but open to all. They are fixed, with discounts for girls, for students from certain faculties, etc … They take place under Val Benoît. The saints of March are quite cool, often themed and with a DJ. But Belgium is usually cold and rainy during this period. I would advise you to put on boots and pants ready to be soiled. The saints are closed by the “Saint Toré”, which lasts three days.

The tasty beers bars, the fun night life, the history and most of all, the people, made Liege an amazing place to stay.

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