German cuisine at a glance


Germany offers a wide variety of colorful food. You will find several types of sausages, beers, and potatoes with cabbage but also with berries. In Northern Germany and in the maritime regions, people consume fish. In addition, meat dishes are often accompanied with red fruits, however, in the center of Germany, the inhabitants consume more sausages, fruits, and vegetables. Finally, if you are looking for pastry, beer or river fish, I suggest you go to the South of the country.

Breakfast in Germany?

Well, you won’t be disappointed! You will have a big and complete breakfast to start your day in the best way. Indeed, you will find a coffee with milk or tea, cold cuts, thinly sliced cheese, eggs, jam, muesli and several types of bread.


At noon Germans start their lunch with a soup, followed by the main dish of meat or fish accompanied by a green salad or a cabbage salad.

Snack time:

Germany is known for its delicious pastries. Do not miss the Bretzel. If you go to Germany, Bretzel is a small, knot-shaped bread made of crisp and salty pastry. Finally, be aware that Germans eat dinner very early around 18:30. In fact, you can find buttered sandwiches with black bread called Schwarzbrot, as well as cheese, sausages, and jam. And as for drinks, you will have to go for a tea or beer.

Germans and beer:

In Germany, you will find more than 5000 varieties of beer. In fact, beer is known as the German national drink and they consume it on any occasion. The inhabitants of Munich, drink the blonde, while the Berliners drink a white beer called Weissbier. The best-known beer is the Pils but you have also Altbiers, Berliner Weisse, Dunkler Bocks, Dunkels Weizen, Eisbocks, Hefe Weizen. For your information, average German drinks about 101 liters of beer per year.

Here are some famous specialties that you can taste in Germany:

As the main course, you can enjoy the tasty Sauerkraut, is finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria typically served with pork, sausage, and potatoes. As well as Himmel und Erde which is a potato puree and apples served with fried onions and bacon. Then, there is red cabbage cooked with vinegar, redcurrant jelly, apples, salt and sugar and small salted diced.

The most common sausage is the Frankfurt sausage, called “Knackwurst”, which is a smoked sausage, made from a fine pork meat paste. Then you can have the Bratwurst which is grilled in the streets, village festivals, Christmas Markets, and last but not least at home!

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