Best places to travel during summer? Vol. 1


Summer is the period of the year we’re all waiting for, to enjoy the sun and the blue sky.  So, what’s better than travelling during the best period of the year? In fact, it could be an amazing experience for you to discover the world, another culture, and lifestyle. Do you still hesitate? In this blog, you will see some dream destination which will make you want to go abroad.


This destination will allow you to discover a friendly population and a country with amazing landscapes. In fact, Philippines have several rice fields and volcanoes.  These wonderful landscapes which look like postcard pictures will give you memories you will never forget. Furthermore, you could enjoy the sun and the blue sky on beautiful beaches all day long. Philippines provides heavenly beaches with several nautical activities, like scuba diving at Palawan in the Tubbataha marine sanctuary, cano kayak, surf… Impossible to get bored in Philippines beaches.


Malta is Southern Europe island country with the beautiful beaches great weather, wonderful coastline, delicious food, historical monuments, spectacular gardens, and vibrant nightlife. The Mediterranean Sea which is crystal clear and heavenly blue is perfect for scuba diving, windsurfing and water sports. Furthermore, Malta’s coastline is spectacular. In fact, there are cliffs, rocky outcrops, and beautiful wild beaches, which are perfect places for swimming and sunbathing. Malta offers vibrant nightlife and open-air clubs, which are really popular but If you prefer a quiet environment with countryside views and wild beaches, you should go to Gozo which is Malta’s sister island.

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