5 Tips how to improve your travel experience


Who doesn’t dream about traveling the world? Almost every single person wants to visit some place, if it is to visit relatives, go for holidays, swim in a crystal-clear sea, taste the different cuisine, or just simply see a new place, we all have something in common, we want to enjoy the trip as much as possible. There is a lot of advice on the internet, on how to do it but how to choose the best one? Of course, it depends on the purpose of your travels, but there are some tips that should work for everyone.

One of the first that always comes to mind, is to having local cash or see the monetary conversion before you go, but what if you are already there? Well, not only for those who didn’t think in advance here are a few tips:

  1. Changing the money

If you need to withdraw some cash immediately after landing or you just simply want to take the money from the ATM in the city, always be aware of the conversion rate that is displayed on the screen or the paying terminal. Usually, it is the conversion rate that is given by the bank that the ATM belongs to, or by the shop that you are in. These rates might be different from the one you looked up at home, so my advice is don’t accept this rate, then your conversion happens through your own bank which is, in most cases, much better for your bank account. Also, if you are changing money in a different country, never do it in the city centre or the most touristic places, rates there tend to be higher.

  1. Public transport

Do some research before you leave! Nothing is worse than not seeing all the desired places, trust me, I have been there. Always try to check in advance how the public transport works, how much it costs and how reliable it is. If you forget about this part don’t be afraid, try to ask at the airport or some locals.

  1. Talk to locals

As previously mentioned, asking locals can be a very nice way to get around the city with ease, furthermore you can never know who they know, or where is they are going. Talking to locals got me into some nice, not very well-known places in different countries, allowed me to taste the true local food (sometimes for free), and last but not least I got to know the proper foreign hospitality.

  1. Don’t be afraid

The world is not as bad and dangerous as bad and dangerous place as the media sometimes makes it out to be. You can always be aware of some suspicious activity around you, there will always be some people trying to scam trustful tourists, but if you use common sense you will be okay. Just don’t let your fear hold you back from talking to new people, because only by talking to them, you can realize that most of them are generous, friendly, trustworthy and willing to help you in various situations.

  1. Get lost

There is nothing wrong with getting “lost”. I know it can be hard in a modern era with our smartphones, GPS, and wi-fi on every corner, but it sometimes can be nice to turn it off and just go wherever the path leads you. You will be able to see the real people, the way they live and work. This way you can also stumble upon some interesting undiscovered places and thus lots of amazing and unforgettable experiences like: “remember when we took the wrong turn and ended up on an empty beach? “

Enjoy and Explore!

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