7 reasons why visiting the Philippines is a must!


The great Philippines archipelago, situated in south-east Asia, is composed of more than 7000 islands. Thanks to its amazing beaches and landscapes, the Philippines is a dream destination. Moreover, it’s the only Christian country in southeast Asia, so tourists can discover a rich culture. In this blog, you will find 7 reasons to go discover this incredible country as soon as possible.

1. A friendly population
People are known for their warm welcome and generosity. They will be happy to see you in their country and their smile will show you their happiness. What’s better than walking in the street where everybody is open-handed and smiling all day long?

2. Discovery of incredible landscapes
The Philippines have several rice fields and volcanoes. These wonderful landscapes look like postcards pictures. You must visit them, it’s amazing! A memory you will never forget.

3. A lot of Hiking
Hiking lover? This country is made for you. The Philippines give to hiking lovers the chance to do their passion and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the world. For instance, you can visit Banaue/Batad rice fields or Batanes hiking, in the north of the country. Just do it, keep in mind that it could be an amazing experience you’ll never forget.

4. Heavenly beaches with several nautical activities
You can enjoy the sun and the blue sky on beautiful beaches all day long. Several activities are available on the Philippines beaches, like scuba diving at Palawan in the Tubbataha marine sanctuary, canoe kayak, surf… Impossible to get bored on the Philippines beaches.

5. Various culinary specialties
A mix of Chinese, Spanish and Malaysian food, Philippines provide some typical and original dishes. If you eat this food, it will take you out of yourself. One of the favorite desserts of the Philippines is the Halo Halo, a mix of crushed ice and condensed milk with several ingredients.

6. The nightlife
Bars and coffee shops are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 am. The most important nightclubs take place in Manilla, the capital. In these clubs, a lot of concerts, parties with DJ and karaoke are organized.

7. Beautiful traditions
You would be happy to know that traditions are really important. We can take the example of the Jeepneys which are Philippines public transport, and which exist since a long time ago. Furthermore, fiestas, which are very colored ceremonies show the Christian rites and reveal the respect of the traditions.

Visiting the Philippines is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not regret. Don’t hesitate, enjoy your trip and remember to check these tips before you leave!

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