Month: August 2018


Essential travel gadgets

We all know that travelling can create stressful moments. There are no plugs, or the plugs are different and meanwhile the insects and bright sunlight are …


The new and exciting ways of travelling

Travelling has changed throughout the years, one year the beaches are popular, the next journeys far away are trending. In this blog we note some of …


What to do with little money in Madrid!

Spain is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans, especially the beaches draw the attention. However, the capital of Spain has many beauties to offer too. …


Why tourists do not only visit the coffeeshops in The Netherlands.

  The Netherlands is becoming a place to visit for an increasing number of tourists every year, and a big part is not just visiting for …


Why you should be creative?

Creativity is the capacity of creating the ideas, associate new concepts and use the imagination to produce original solutions to worldly problems. Sometimes you can create …


What are the living expenses in these 5 cities?

Do you like to travel? Or maybe you want to live or study abroad? This blog will tell you how much you will pay for accommodation …

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