What are the living expenses in these 5 cities?


  • Do you like to travel?
  • Or maybe you want to live or study abroad?
  • This blog will tell you how much you will pay for accommodation in Sydney or education in Hong Kong

Moving to another country is very exciting and big step, in the life of every human. In the new city, an adventure awaits around every corner, new cuisine, friends, new language and culture but most of all new challenges and opportunities. If you are planning to move somewhere else or you are just curious about a life in another part of the world this blog is definitely made for you.

 Newest research by the company dealing with financial counseling analyzed 75,000 data points on prices and earning from 77 cities around the world. To analyze those prices researchers created a standardized basket of 128 goods and services, which replicates a consumption of three-person European family. For a better cross-country comparison, New York City was used as a benchmark and ranked all other cities related to it (index=100).

So, what will life in these 5 cities for a month cost you? We will show you the costs of basic expenses (food, household goods, clothing) and expat extra (rent in a 2-bedroom apartment, tuition for international school, household help twice a month and local language course).

  1. Sydney

Basic expenses – 1792.15$

Expat extras – 2986.97$ which comprises of significant accommodation cost- 1957.64$

  1. Hong Kong

Basic expenses – 1451.46$

Expat extras – 3854.66 here we have the winner with highest accommodation cost- 2867.54$

  1. Jakarta

Basic expenses – 1121.16$

Expat extras – 1864.62$ accommodation much lower than in previous cities with 1167.37$

  1. Geneva

Basic expenses – 2099.30$

Expat extras –4227.43$ one of the most expensive cities with accommodation cost of 2397.80$ per month!

  1. Toronto

Basic expenses – 1443.17$

Expat extras –3634.12$ with pricy international school fees – 2036.99$

And last but not least, do you want to know how long you need to work in these cities for one big mac, haircut or new iPhone X?

The best place to have a nice Big Mac for a lunch in is Hong Kong where you will get enough for your big mac in 11.8 minutes and the opposite is Jakarta with its almost 83 minutes for just one Big Mac. In the most expensive city of this list Geneva you would have to work only 47.5 hours to buy a new iPhone X, Jakarta is again losing with a significant amount 651.6 hours and Toronto comes second with 63.5 hours. Haircut for our ladies would cost us 232.5 minutes of work in Sydney, Hong Kong and Toronto almost on the same amount around 148 minutes and Jakarta coming in last once more with 254.2 minutes of work.

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