Why you should be creative?


Creativity is the capacity of creating the ideas, associate new concepts and use the imagination to produce original solutions to worldly problems. Sometimes you can create a new solution and in others, you reinvent a previous idea with another perspective. For example, a long time ago, the way to clean the floor of our homes was bending down, but someone thought that this uncomfortable way of cleaning could be changed by adding a stick to the wiper creating the mop. He just took a problem and found a creative solution.

Techniques to be creative

The most common technique to be creative is the “brain stormy”. It consists of saying as many creative solutions as possible for one problem without ruling out any. Then you choose the best one. The more ideas you present, the better the solution you will get.

If you want to be creative, you must think different. You cannot think in stereotyped ideas to manage the problem and your mind should be opened and try to focus the problem from different points. Here is one example of thinking different. A teacher in the school asks the students to make a paper plane with any shape, and the one which travels the furthest would get the highest score.  All the students except one made it with body and wings, and the other student imagined the shape of the plane in a different way.  He folded a paper sheet into a ball, fulfilling the requirement that it had to fly. This creative student got the best result because he thought in a different way. His colleagues had a preconceived idea of “plane”, whereas he understood the concept of “plane” as a product which flies no matter the shape.

Less is more

Why is the iPhone so successful? Because it is one of the easiest-to-use smartphones on the market but provides good benefits. They took a complicated technology and brought it to the people with a simple operative system and an easy design of the cellphone. That’s the power of creativity: transform a difficult concept in a simple and sophisticated idea. A good idea must be within the reach of people’s knowledge. If the customer needs to make an effort to use a device, he will never use it again.

Innovation and creativity are very similar concepts. To be innovative, you need to use your creativity. The innovation in a company is important because it creates a difference between you and the competitors. If you copy the products from other companies you will always be one step behind, your product will be obsoleted, and you won’t be able to compete in the market. One of the most common problems in being creative is creating ideas that are not going to fix the problem, or in other words, your ideas are not focused on achieving your goal. In the brain stormy is a good thing to say as many ideas as possible, but they must be oriented to the target. In short, if you want to be creative, you should think about simple ideas, be focused on your goals and think different.

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