Why tourists do not only visit the coffeeshops in The Netherlands.



The Netherlands is becoming a place to visit for an increasing number of tourists every year, and a big part is not just visiting for the coffeeshops. The country, located to the west of Germany, is most known for its many rivers, flowers, bicycles and the tourism in Amsterdam. People from all over the world come to visit this country and we will provide you some reasons to go there.

1. The islands

Many tourists do not know about the islands of The Netherlands. They are in the North of the country and are well known by the Dutch for their gorgeous nature, with the beaches and dunes being the main touristic places. You can enjoy the beaches and the water to cool down on a sunny day, or to go for a walk followed by a cup of coffee with apple pie in the autumn or spring.

2. The Canals

Perhaps the most iconic feature of The Netherlands are the canals in Amsterdam. Most travellers go to Amsterdam to go on a boat tour on the canals. These boat tours guide you through the city, highlighting some of the most famous and important buildings in Amsterdam, both modern and historical building. What is a more iconic way to explore a city then by being on a boat in Amsterdam?

3. Rotterdam

One of the biggest and most modern cities of the country. Rotterdam is known for its architecture, marine museum and the harbour. When visiting Rotterdam, be sure to go on the harbour tour! This tour will start at the city its most known building, the Erasmus bridge, and will show you the harbour. As another part of this tour, you visit the Steam Ship Rotterdam, a cruise ship that serves the purpose of a restaurant.

4. The Nightlife

One of the biggest export products of this country is the music industry, especially the DJ scene. With many Dutch DJs in the international scene, it is no surprise that the nightlife scene is incredible. When in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, be sure to check if your favourite Dutch DJ is hosting a party! Because who does not love a good party?

5. Windmills

As it is often windy in The Netherlands, wind energy is used for everyday work. This was a traditional way of working in the history of the country. They were used to drain the swamps, as multiple areas of the country are below sea level. Most of them do not serve a utilitarian purpose anymore, but they are protected by the government and seen as national monuments.

These are some of the main reasons why you should visit The Netherlands, but there are several more. If you enjoy the nightlife and electronic music, be sure to visit one of the many festivals hosted in The Netherlands. This is one of the best traits of the Dutch culture and can be recommended to anyone who loves a good party.

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