What to do with little money in Madrid!


Spain is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans, especially the beaches draw the attention. However, the capital of Spain has many beauties to offer too. As we all know that a city trip can be expensive, we list some activities in Madrid that are cheap.

Visit El Retiro

El Retiro is a park in the middle of Madrid where most people go for relaxation. The park is free to enter and walking through the park will take quite some time. If you need a break from walking, this can be done around the lake or on any of the many benches in the park. As there is no beach in Madrid, most tourists enjoy the grass areas next to the lake in El Retiro instead. You can also choose to hire a small boat to paddle on the lake for a while, this will of course result in expenses.

Walk along Gran Via

Gran Via is the main street in Madrid and most likely the most iconic one. The buildings along the street are beautiful and it is recommended to walk along the Gran Via when visiting Madrid. As most of the buildings are modernised on the ground floor to be attractive for shop owners, we suggest looking at the roofs. If you look up at them, you will see the real beauty of this street. It is not advisable to do this in the middle of the day during summer as it will be hot.

Visit El Prado/Reina Sofia

If you are a student, you can freely enter these museums if you show your student card. Even if you are not interested in art, these museums are worth visiting as they are home to some of the most famous artworks in the world. The Prado museum covers historical art, whereas the Reina Sofia covers modern art. Choose which one you want to visit, if not both, and make sure you have a valid student card for free entrance.

Casa del Campo

Casa del Campo is another park in Madrid, it is the biggest park in the capital city and worth visiting. You can either go for a walk or eat some food near the lake. If you have some money to spend, it is recommended to use the cable carts to get to the centre of the park. From here you have an amazing view of the city and the Casa del Campo. It is recommended to take the cable cart from the city up to the panoramic platform and walk back to the city. This way you have seen both the city as well as the Casa del Campo!

If you are a student, be sure to take your student card with you to this wonderful city as it can provide you with discounts for many touristic attractions. The highlights above are some of the activities you can do with little money, but there are a lot more. Before going to Madrid, make sure which parks you want to visit! A quick bit of advice: be sure to acquire a metro ticket for the duration of your stay. You will use the Metro often and the tourist tickets save you money.

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