The new and exciting ways of travelling


Travelling has changed throughout the years, one year the beaches are popular, the next journeys far away are trending. In this blog we note some of the recent trends in travelling, maybe your next journey will be based on one of these trends!

Travelling in the winter.

If you are not looking for heat, but rather for beautiful landscapes and nature, this might be a good trend for you. This time of the year shows you a different side of a country and creates opportunities to visit winter festivals organised in many countries. You will have an experience like never before if your journey is in the winter, so give it a try and step into the gorgeous winter world.

Canada is the destination.

The country has become one of the most trending holiday destinations, reaching tourism records in 2017. You can visit the Niagara Falls, one of the many national parks, Vancouver and Victoria & Vancouver Island, Ottawa and in the winter go to Whistler. These are some of the must sees of Canada, but there are more! So, if you plan to go to Canada, make sure you know where to go.

More remote places.

Journeys will shift to lesser known places, so you can discover the area yourself without seeing spoilers on social media. The trend is to not follow the crowds, but rather create your own path. Meet up with locals and visit the hidden pearls that social media does not show you.

Travelling alone.

As strange as it sounds to travel alone, this adventure is becoming popular. Going solo gives you more freedom and pushes you out of your comfort zone, no one will tell you that it’s time to go. You can plan your entire trip according to your wishes and see everything you want to see. Not to forget, you meet more locals. As a solo traveller you look more approachable and you will want to talk during your journey. As there is no one with you, you will have to turn to the locals. Don’t be scared, they might just teach you a lot. The last big advantage of travelling will show itself after the journey. When you get home again you will feel more confident, because you did this all on your own and most likely had a great time.


Journeys on cruises are known to be expensive, but don’t forget that you have everything you need. Most fares include food, entertainment, accommodation and transport. You can go on a cruise and limit your expenses by using the utilities provided. If you do want to spend money, you can go on a wine tasting, to the spa or the casino all aboard this one ship. It is an experience that you must try at least once in your life, so why not go on a cruise for your next travel?

Popular party and beach destinations will always be available, but they are mainstream. Try a different holiday for once and see how it goes, maybe you do not want anything else after trying something new.  Make sure to check our blog about essential packing tips before you go and go for it!

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