Essential travel gadgets


We all know that travelling can create stressful moments. There are no plugs, or the plugs are different and meanwhile the insects and bright sunlight are annoying you. Or you want to take a picture but don’t want more selfies. You can solve some of these problems with the use of helpful gadgets. To reduce some of your stress, make sure to take the following gadgets with you.

Universal plug adapter

One of the worst moments of travelling is discovering that your plugs don’t match the power outlets. You can solve this problem by bringing a universal plug adapter! Even if you need multiple different plugs during your journey, this tool will help you.

Portable phone charger

Most people nowadays have one, a portable phone charger. No longer will you have the issue of an empty phone when you need to use it. There are portable chargers that recharge with solar energy, especially useful if you go to areas where there are minimal power outlets.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Ever been on a long flight and constantly felt annoyed by other passengers, this is the way to counter this problem. With these headphones you can listen to music without background noises, or sleep in silence of course!

Weatherproof phone case

Especially useful if you go to areas where the weather is harmful for electronic devices. This case will keep your phone safe and you will still be able to use it. A waterproof case can help if you go to humid areas or want to swim without leaving your phone unprotected.

Insect-repellent shirt

When travelling you cannot escape insects, they are everywhere and can be quite annoying. Wearing this special shirt will help repel them! Another advantage of these shirts is that most of them offer UV protection too. So, with this shirt you do not only repel insects, but also keep yourself save from sun rays.


If you enjoy reading books but don’t want to carry books all the time, purchase an e-reader. This will save not just in space, but in weight as well. Allowing you to either take more clothes with you or bring more souvenirs home.


If you enjoy taking photos and selfies, make sure to bring a tripod. This useful gadget will allow you to keep your phone in place while you take the perfect photo. Try to find one that is small and flexible as this will be more convenient during your journey.

Polarised sun glasses

These sunglasses have special lenses made to reduce the glare of reflecting lights. They protect your eyes from more sunlight than your regular sunglasses and are perfect for both beach holidays and active holidays. Try to find one that 100% protects you from dangerous UV rays for maximum protection.

If you have a trip planned, check if one of these gadgets will be helpful. They might just be the one thing you regret not buying once you arrive. If you have the space in your suitcase, bringing them will never be useless.

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