Let’s talk about Venezuelan Food!


In the Caribbean country the food varies depending on the region you will visit. In the Southern regions typical plates with meat will be found; while in the northern states where the Caribbean Sea is located people tend to eat lots of fish and seafood. However, you will find exotic flavours regarding its location.


An Arepa is a white corn cake that has a variety of fillings, usually in the mornings it would be filled with cheese, ham and eggs while during lunch or dinner time it could be stuffed with chicken salad, meat or fish. Moreover, it is considered as the “baguette” to the French people, since Venezuelans eat them every day. It sounds delicious, right? – Wait until you try it.

What about our Typical dish?

Usually eaten in the lunch time and filled with colours and different flavours that would captivate everyone. The typical dish in Venezuela has a combination of rice, shredded beef, black beans, and fried plantains


Throughout the country not only Venezuelan desserts could be found but also Italians, Spanish, and French pastries as well since these are mostly originated from Europe due to the colonization back in the times. Therefore, one of the most important deserts in the country is the so called “Dulce de Lechosa”, translated to Papaya dessert and it is cooked while the papaya is still green in a slow cooked sweet sauce.


Thanks to the diversity of fruits and its ease to find throughout the country, tropical smoothies are popular – either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Secondly, the “Cocada”, meaning coconut water is in high-demand especially nearby the coast – perfect for a day on the beach.  Lastly, as an alcoholic beverage Venezuela offers a really tasty Rum with a minimum of 40% of alcohol; but don’t worry it could also be found abroad.

If you are planning on visiting Venezuela or trying some Venezuelan food abroad, make sure you don’t forget to try the Arepa, since it highlights the Venezuelan tradition as a whole. Also, be sure to combine it with a delicious drink of your preference!

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