Discovering Glamping!


Are you on a mood to experience an amazing and unforgettable trip? In unique destinations with the sound of the birds chirping, light breeze, plus some shooting starts next to the river? – While having the freedom of exploring by yourself and being immerse into the culture. A new way of traveling has been created and it is called Glamping which means camping while having a glamourous experience. Therefore, you enjoy nature without giving up the luxury.


There is a variety of available glamping accommodations, from tents and cabins to treehouses spread worldwide. Usually wood cabins are the perfect accommodation for the adventurous travellers looking for an exquisite time in the forest. Furthermore, Cubes & Pods are eco-friendly and luxurious, while Domes are the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into a futuristic accommodation throughout the discovery of nature. Domes are perfect for winter. However, we could not forget that lodges, luxury lodges, treehouses and others represent unique accommodations with four walls and ceiling including better amenities in order to enjoy the wilderness.


Even though there is not an incorrect idea of glamping, we would provide you with some tips about it. It all depends on the personal preferences and one’s comfort level. Therefore, it is important to list the properties which you would be interested in while making sure the amenities included suit you. Anyways we would still recommend you to bring camping equipment such as bed lining, towels, a lantern, first aid kit, food and drinks. Nevertheless, regarding the accommodation that you would be renting, cooking supplies and a cooler might be needed. Since the main idea about glamping is keeping the comfort of your house, sleeping bags and camp chairs won’t be needed. Do not forget this.

Usually with glamping you won’t need to worry about getting expensive camping gear that will maintain you warm and dry during the night since everything should be included into the accommodation selected

So, is Glamping your bucket list?

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