Do it as a real Berliner


It is time to talk about the German capital – which by the way, is not German at all – thanks to its diverse population. In this blog, we will not share about famous landmarks and German history, but instead the real “Berliner” experience.
In Berlin, you will find lots of cafes, restaurants, and bars with accessible prices, very tasty, most places are unexpected and won’t be found in a guidebook. Moreover, its nightlife which catches the attention of most tourists is a hipster culture – known as “Poor but sexy”.

Food and Drinks
In Berlin you will rarely find German cuisine, instead, the Turkish meal called Döner is the iconic street food; it can be found on every corner at any time. My personal favourite can be found in the district of Schöneberg – Rüyam Gemüse Kebab. However, do not forget to eat the famous Currywurst, a sausage with a combination of curry and ketchup sauce.
Enjoy it with a ginormous beer, if you are lucky to be traveling during the summer then I would recommend you go to a Biergarten or a Brauhaus – in Kreuzberg, which is the popular Turkish district in Berlin there is a famous Bar for Beer tasting called “Dolden Mädel Braugasthaus”. However, if you are on a lower budget you could also check out the supermarket or the Späti/Spätkauf, these are convenience stores where people usually get the local beers. Since it is allowed to drink in the streets, you could head down to Admiralbrücke near Kottbusser Tor and enjoy the sunset and experience what the Berliner hipsters actually do.

Berlin at Night
Berlin is known for its techno culture and minimalistic music lovers, throughout the city the underground vibe is found, the most popular is Berghain, located in between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. Usually, clubs in Berlin are based in abandoned buildings, providing the vibe for techno. However, if you are in the mood for bar or club hopping you can head to Warschauerstrasse, which will be 21 minutes by public transportation from Kottbusser Tor. Here it is time to experience the east side of the city, where you can find a maze of bars, clubs, poker rooms, pool bars, pubs, and karaoke bars.

The Next day? – Activities during the day
What is the best way to spend the day outdoors and enjoy the good weather? No matter if it is spring or summer time. Numerous Parks can be visited for picnics, plus Berlin is surrounded by several lakes, my favourite one being Müggelsee, since it has a constructed beach. During the winter, you will find the Christmas markets from November until the end of December where it is possible to drink a nice and warm Glühwein.

So, are you ready to experience Berlin, as a true Berliner?

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